Central EMS activated by Georgia EMA to assist in hurricane evacuation

Central EMS personnel and vehicles were activated by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (EMA) on Thursday afternoon to assist in the evacuation of more than 80 patients from medical facilities in Southern Georgia.

Central EMS has deployed approximately 40 employees, as well as 15 ambulances, two stretcher vans, three quick response vehicles and a mobile intensive care vehicle. The high-acuity patients being evacuated from five medical facilities will be transported to accepting facilities throughout the state of Georgia that can meet the level of care needed. Georgia EMA is in contact with ambulance companies, and the state agency is orchestrating the evacuation.

“Central EMS is in constant contact with Georgia EMA to assist in the smooth, safe, evacuation of these patient,” said Central EMS Senior Vice President Bobby Peardon. “Central EMS also has established a command center and command structure in Brunswick and Savannah. Central EMS’ ambulances and manpower are dedicated as long as the resources are needed, and we are committed to returning these patients home when the danger has passed.”

Central EMS will continue to standby and be available to respond as necessary to any areas affected by the storm as it passes.

Central EMS participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) disaster response network and commits vehicles, health care expertise and space needed to address an emergency situation. The company was a part of the long-range planning with the Georgia EMA for emergency response in the state of Georgia.