Central EMS vehicles, staff assist in Hurricane Irma evacuation

Central EMS crews are assisting in the evacuation of medical facilities in Southern Georgia and are stationed to assist in the recovery of Hurricane Irma.

““We are proud to use our expertise in emergency evacuation and recovery efforts to assist our neighbors,” said Central EMS President Gary Coker. “This is the second deployment in less than a week for our crews, but our disaster response team and our teams who remain home have been incredibly supportive of the response.”

Central EMS has two units assisting GEMA with the evacuation of facilities in Southern Georgia. Central EMS’ Disaster Response Unit, which can house up to four patients on stretchers, is stationed in Valdosta, Georgia ready to assist in recovery efforts after the storm.

In addition to the crews and vehicles already providing assistance to those affected by Hurricane Irma, Central EMS has crews and vehicles on standby ready to assist in case additional assistance in needed in the days or weeks following Hurricane Irma.

After the danger has passed, Central EMS will assist in the repatriation of the patients who have been evacuated from their facilities.

All emergency personnel are trained and experienced in emergency evacuations and have completed coursework on operating within the incident command system. The services anticipate to support the emergency event with vehicles and personnel for several weeks following Hurricane Irma making landfall.

Central EMS’ strike team is one of the most knowledgeable in the county with direct experience in evacuating thousands of patients and treating community members in Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, and Irene.