Willett Children’s Hospital at Memorial pays tribute to victims of child abuse, neglect

Story originally appear on WSAV.com

One by one, pinwheels are planted in an area outside the Dwaine and Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital at Memorial Health.Advertisement

A visual to raise awareness for child abuse.

“So it is really supposed to represent the bright and shiny futures that all children have,” said Pam Melton with Central EMS. “So we plant a garden to think about growing better futures for our children.”

Health care professionals say everyone needs to be vigilant to spot the signs of abuse:

“Physical child abuse or child abuse, in general, is a potentially fatal situation,” explained Dr. Donna Evans, medical director for the Child Protection Team at Willett Children’s Hospital. “And with a call, you may be saving a life or maybe more the one.”

And that awareness is needed now more than ever due to the pandemic.

“I think this is a time when people do need to trust their instincts and if they do think there’s a problem to make a call and to make sure that child is safe,” Evans said.

“If you see something, say something,” Melton said. “And to be aware that particularly coming out of a pandemic the children have not been as visible as they normally have.”

Four hundred of the pinwheels were planted in the ground at the emergency entrance of the Willett Children’s Hospital at Memorial Health.

There will be some 8,600 of them placed statewide throughout the rest of the month.

By the way that 8,600 figure represents the number of pediatric patients transported by Central EMS in 2020.